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Motorbike MOT testing

At W.J Kingham Motors Ltd, we are quite the motorbike experts and can provide thorough and detailed MOT tests for your bike. Get in touch with us in Woodford Green for more information and quote.

Efficient testing

Thanks to our efficient service, many of our customers make use of our ‘while you wait' service. You can even watch it being performed from our viewing area. If you'd like to book your bike in for a test, contact us today.

Experts in motorbike MOTs

Our MOT inspections are carried out by our resident motorcycle enthusiasts. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry ensure you are offered only the best service. 

We also provide MOT testing for cars. Give us a call for more information.

Extended services

We are very committed to the job we are entrusted with and believe in offering the best service possible to our customers. Even after the MOT testing is done, you can expect a text message from us reminding you of your next visit, all for free. Come to us again next year and we will continue to provide you with outstanding services. 
For prompt motorbike MOT testing in Woodford Green, contact W.J Kingham Motors Ltd on
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